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WHO: VANESSA + TOM In the very first time Vanessa contacted me about a maternity session throughout their visit to Maui, I was beaming at the dreams we’d discussed to create her session as great as you can. But …Tom contacted me individually…

During his session, he wished to suggest to the love of his life which has made him happiest man living for the last 6 decades +! I squealed a little when I contacted me since I’d just the location, and at sunset, it was the ideal moment! We place the clues, confirmed a couple of days before, and before you knew it, the session had arrived!

Now Vanessa? So while Tom and I had been dropping little hints to one another around when & where supporting her back in the session, Vanessa was too busy considering most of the stunning scenery around her. And frankly, you can not blame her;–RRB- I put them up, said our suggestion, gave Tom a speedy & reassuring pat on the back, and he nailed it!

Following a clear yes, a few tears, Lahaina family photographers & outfit changes, we jumped into the water and celebrated with all the most adventuresome sunset water session! And both of these? And for me personally? I followed them such as the creeper w/ a camera that I’m, ripping off! Sorry folks, that is just how I operate! And today, a few of the best YES minutes from my own time w/ Vanessa & Tom Creek

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